Interview: First Impressions of Spirited Away

The same weekend as my interview with Melissa, I interviewed Jesse, who enjoys the film Spirited Away. Unlike Melissa, she did not grow up watching Studio Ghibli films; in fact, Spirited Away is the only film from Studio Ghibli that she has seen so far.

How did you first hear about Studio Ghibli?

I’d never heard of them until I was at a friend’s house. I was sleeping over one night, and my friend’s little sister was watching Spirited Away in the living room. At first, I wasn’t really paying much attention to the movie, but I’d glance over every now and then and get a little more curious, and by the middle of the film, I was watching it with her.

What was your first impression of Spirited Away?

It made me uncomfortable! (Laughs)  I really liked the animation and the characters, though. The story really kept my attention, but overall I thought the film was really weird. Maybe it’s because I didn’t watch it from start to finish. That could be it.

If your overall first impression of Spirited Away was less than great, and you say you like the film now, what caused your change of opinion?

I actually watched Spirited Away again as soon as I got home from my friend’s house. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just really wanted to watch it again. Maybe I liked that it was such a weird movie, I don’t know! It really stuck out in my mind. My dad took me to Blockbuster and we rented it out. The second time around, the movie was easier to follow because I actually watched the whole thing, but it was just as weird as the first time. I liked it, though.

Would you watch other films from Studio Ghibli?

Definitely! Spirited Away is a lot different from the other animated films I’ve seen, so I’m curious about what their other films are like. Are they all that weird? (Laughs)


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